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Our Certified Trainers:
   Canada: Kenvin Kaminski Big Hat Group, Inc.
   USA: Tim Mangan TMurgent Technologies LLP

GridMasterTraining.com is your definitive source for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) education.  App-V 5.1!!!

GridMasterTraining produces a set of courses which are the result of a unique collaborative effort between Tim Mangan and Kevin Kaminski, two of the premier Microsoft MVPs for App-V. These programs provide in-depth and comprehensive Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V, formerly known as SoftGrid) training for individuals wishing to implement the App-V from Microsoft solution. The GridMasterTraining programs are modular; designed to be flexible to accommodate the existing experience and needs of class participants. In addition to the basics, these programs provide individuals with an a deep-dive into the App-V product that includes the more advanced topics not typically taught in the classroom. The courses are ideal for those who are preparing to implement or consult with the App-V product.

Advanced topics include the more advanced areas of sequencing such as hybrid sequences, ActiveUpgrade and enterprise naming standards. Server infrastructure will be explored in a whole new depth by covering design aspects for enterprise branch configuration, server performance considerations and SQL reporting. Additional management topics will be covered such as scripting client operations, automating application management via scripting and SQL database internals.

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