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What About App-V Certifications?

Microsoft Application Virtualization, known as App-V, has no direct certification from Microsoft. The closest Microsoft cert is the 70-656 MDOP exam which was based on a beta of the 4.5 release of App-V and includes now outdated versions of the rest of MDOP as well.

Certified GridMasterTraining instructors offer a GridMasterTraining certification to participants that successfully complete the five day "Masters" level training class. This certificate is widely viewed as the highest level of competency of App-V in the industry.

GridMaster Certification Coverage

By paricipating in the Master's Level Class and obtaining a GridMasterTraining Certificate, you demonstrate that you have the highest level of knowlege and skills for any of the following positions:

  1. App-V Architect:  Posseses a thorough knowlege of the various ways to deploy Microsoft App-V and has obtained the understanding on how to architect a new deployment. This includes not only selecting a deployment model, but understanding the system requirements and efforts involved.
  2. App-V Administrator:  Posseses a thorough knowlege of the server and management aspects of Microsoft App-V deployments, whether using the traditional App-V server or SCCM. This includes setup, normal operations, and maintenance.
  3. App-V Sequencer:  Posses a thorough knowlege of the sequencing process, including techniques to complete or debug the most troublesome applications.