The GridMaster Training courses are developed and delivered independently to provide you the very best information and practices available, free of vendor bias, and of vendor blindness to any weaker points of products that a vendor based training might ignore. GridMaster Training takes on the whole product, including dealing with those weak spots. Furthermore, GridMaster Training goes beyond what the product can do, addressing the impact throughout your company from first level "help desk" support call to sequencing and application management.

GridMaster Training courses are designed by the best experts in the field, Microsoft MVPs. They are run by technical professionals who work with customers implementing the product to get that real insight that is lacking with 100% pure professional trainers.  The courses are modular and flexible; adaptable to the needs of the participants. Sometimes students are new to product and sometimes they already have experience. GridMaster Training adjusts the training level dynamically so that maximum learning value can occur.

GridMaster Training only licenses the course materials to be used in training by top-notch experts. Currently, the App-V courses written by GridMaster Training are licensed to be run by the following:

        Kevin Kaminski @ Big Hat Group (
        Tim Mangan @ TMurgent Technologies (